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Our Atlanta experiential therapy is a variety of expressive tools and activities—such as role-playing, arts, music, animal care, guided imagery, or cool activities! The intention of experiential therapy is to focus on the activities and, through these encounters, better recognize emotions linked with success, sadness, responsibility, and self-esteem. Under the supervision of our primary therapists, the patient can discover and handle feelings of resentment, pain, or shame, related to their prior experiences, that may have been ignored or tucked away deep inside the mind.

Most research indicates that experiential therapy offers significant mental health benefits for addiction recovery. Samba’s experiential therapy may be offered in individual and group format. It is normally in combination with different styles of traditional talk therapy. At the same time, experiential therapy gets patients out of their own head, which helps them see things clearer. If you need substance use help near Atlanta, reach out to our Norcross rehab today at 470.994.1114 or toll-free at 888.505.8279.

Experiential Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Experiential therapies are actual events or experiences that may cause a change in a person’s perception of themselves or those around them. As an important part of substance use treatment program, our Atlanta experiential therapy provides patients with a safe, uncomplicated place to explore complex thoughts and feelings. And make distinctions between these ideas and emotions and develop positive coping skills. With the help of our Samba therapists, this therapy can guide patients to live in the moment, without medicating the pain or projecting the future.

Common Experiential Therapies for Substance Abuse

  • Role-playing
  • Equine therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Games
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Journaling
  • Adventure
  • Hiking
  • Psychodrama
  • Museum & Parks
  • Guided imagery

Benefits of Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy can help you to identify negative thoughts and behavior patterns. Patients in our Norcross rehab learn how to  communicate clealry with others, as well as, developing internal trust. Addiction takes a toll on relationships. Experiential therapy can help. The goal is to build healthier relationships overall. A variety of benefits bloom from our Atlata experiential therapy program. Some of the key benefits include:

1. Resolving prior conflicts

2. Improved self-awareness

3. Improved productivity

4. Creating healthy relationships

Discover Yourself at Samba Recovery

Substance use recovery is possible and the best version of youself awaits at our addiction treatment center in Norcross. We’ll help you truly understand that the opposite of addiction is connection. We’ll give you tool to discover your self-worth and treat any co-occurring disorders with techniques like experiential therapy.  Reach out to our Gwinnett recovery center to start your discover yourself today!

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Substance abuse doesn’t have to be a life sentence! Sustainable recovery is possible and the best version of youself awaits at our Norcross addiction recovery center.

We’ll help you learn that the opposite of addiction is connection. We’ll give you skills to discover your self-worth and show you the tools for a life of hope and promise.

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