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Atlanta Individual Therapy for Addiction

Atlanta individual therapy is an integral part of the addiction recovery process. We understand that each person’s journey with substance use is different, and individual therapy enables us to zero in on problems surrounding substance abuse. One-on-one in our Norcross center  provides a safe environment where our patients can explore the underlying causes of their alcohol or drug use, recognize negative thought patterns and develop new, healthy coping skills.

Individual therapy in our Gwinnett treatment center helps patients identify thoughts-behavior leading to using or drinking. In this way,  patients can discuss their experiences and feelings openly in confidence. This is also an opportunity to learn skills for managing stressful or overwhelming situations in a healthy way.

Individual Therapy Programs for Substance Use Disorder

While group therapy is an important part of our Atlanta addiction recovery program, individual talk therapy can provide a deeper level of therapeutic support to better understand their issues and develop new strategies for living a healthier, sober lifestyle.

One-on-one sessions with a trained therapist can also provide the opportunity to explore emotions, feelings, and behaviors typically connected to substance use. The most common underlying causes that individual therapy can help address include:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationship problems
  • PTSD
  • Eating Disorder

Starting individual therapy can be challenging—you may feel embarrassed to discuss your experiences with a stranger. However, opening up to a therapist and being honest will speed up your treatment progress at Samba.

Benefits of Atlanta Individual Therapy

Our Norcross individual therapy program is an invaluable part of the recovery process. One-on-one sessions provide our patients with the following:

  • Improved self-awareness and understanding
  • Developing trust
  • Creating clear communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Tools for managing triggers
  • Establishing 12-step support
  • Healthy coping skills

If you are looking for an Atlanta recovery program that offers personalized, individual therapy, contact Samba Recovery today.

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At Samba Recovery, we offer a comprehensive individual therapy in our Gwinnett recovery center. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, reach out to our team today for more information on our individual therapy program.

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