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There are a large number of illicit drugs available on the street. One of the most common is methamphetamine, often known as meth or crystal meth. In Atlanta, meth is stronger than ever, cheaper to buy, and more prevalent than opioids. Meth  can cause long-lasting damage to a person’s physical and mental health. It is important to recognize the signs of meth addiction in order to get help soon as possible.

Starting an Atlanta meth addiction treatment program treatment program is the first step to recovery. If you or someone you care about is displaying the signs of meth abuse, seek advice from our meth rehab in Norcross. We offer comprehensive substance use disorder care in a safe, intimate environment. To learn more, contact us at 888.505.8279 and get started on the road to recovery.

Signs of Meth Addiction

Meth is an extremely addictive and powerful stimulant that can cause serious physical, psychological, and social problems. The signs of meth addiction can range from subtle to severe depending on how long a person has been using the drug, how much they use on a regular basis, and the individual’s overall health.

Meth addiction can cause physical effects such as:

  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Dilated pupils
  • Sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Skin picking
  • Hair pulling
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Tremors

Those who have been using an excessive amount of meth for a long time may also experience  more serious health consequences  including malnutrition, organ damage, and tooth decay.

Meth use also alters brain chemistry, and can also cause paranoia or delusional thinking. Hallucinations are also possible with large doses of meth, whether auditory or visual. Long-term psychological effects associated with meth use include memory loss and cognitive impairment which can occur even after an individual stops taking the drug.

If you know someone exhibiting any combination of these signs, it is important to get Atlanta meth addiction treatment at our Gwinnett rehab.

Meth Addiction Treatment in Norcross

Our Atlanta Meth addiction treatment program in Norcross focuses on integrated behavioral therapy and support. We offer intensive partial hospitalization along with step-down IOP and outpatient programs that concentrate on behavioral change and sustainable recovery with components such as:

Talk therapy –  Our therapists use a variety of techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and motivational interviewing (MI) to help patients learn how to make healthier decisions and cope better with stressors to prevent relapse.

Continuing care support – Aftercare support includes ongoing assistance after completing a rehab program. Examples include 12-step meetings like Narcotics Anonymous, community resources such as halfway houses or sober living facilities, and counseling services. The services a person needs will depend on the individual’s unique needs for sustained sobriety.

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If you or someone you know needs help with meth addiction, our Norcross meth rehab is ready to help. We offer evidence-based treatment programs in a nurturing environment of hope. . Contact us at 888.505.8279 or reach out to us online and we can tell you more about your meth recovery options.

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